Love Pablo. Such a great actor. I just saw his most recent SVU ep and was so terrified and turned on by him at the same time…

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f is for friends who abandoned me after 8th grade

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Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk
Rufus Wainwright



cigarettes and chocolate milk
these are just a couple of my cravings
everything it seems i like’s a little bit stronger
a little bit thicker
a little bit harmful for me

Happy birthday, Rufus. My beautiful, amazing favorite Rufus Waiwright.




are you fucking shitting me right now.

I never know what’s gonna be at the bottom like seriously there are about a hundred different versions of this and this is the one that makes me most upset


Fuckin’ A

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Top 5 sex positions

  • free shipping
  • direct deposit
  • "sort by price: low to high"
  • track your order
  • 50% off

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Time is SLP-ing away.

Time is SLP-ing away.


This is the main meal I’ve made myself since moving out minus the heart shape but just to feel special I’m going to start cutting out the heart shape.

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I’m having the hardest time trying to avoid the NPR stream in order to give the album a proper listen when my cd arrives next week. It’ll be worth it, but I just wanna listeeen.


St. Vincent, Pitchfork 2014


St. Vincent, Pitchfork 2014

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Nick Jonas is at my work right now. Tempted to invite him to our BBQ.

My 18 yr old co-worker chased after his private car as it drove away, clearly upset that she missed him. He was playing baseball at the park.